Kids concert becomes a music class at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Four vocalists with some flashback music enlightened elementary students at the Santa Barbara Bowl Monday morning.

In two different sessions, an estimated 2800 children were able to see the show through the efforts of the bowl staff and the Santa Barbara County Education Office and its Children's Creative Project.

They came in from throughout Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria.

Franklin Elementary school principal Casey Kilgore said many of her students had never been at the bowl. She said it was inspiring to see the different aspects of a show. "Now with some of the technology to get back to the basics is very exciting for them," Kilgore said.

A student Remy Zaragosa said, "I saw a lot of confidence. People were really supportive."

"I saw there was a lot of compassionate people on the stage and they were really happy," Indie Hill said.

It was inspiring on many levels. 

"We never know what these kids will grow up and want to be and do and to see the sound technicians and the people behind the scenes, there's so many positions and jobs within that. Even the UCSB dancers I could see them say I want to go to UCSB and major in dance," said Kilgore.

The group sang songs like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight,"  "Barbara Ann"  and a sample of "Duke of Earl" to show off their versatility.

There were two morning shows to maximize the number of schools that could attend.  

They included Adelante, Kellogg, Franklin, Monroe, Aliso, SB Communty Academy, Hope, Peabody, Santa Barbara Junior High, Sana Barbara High, Hollister, and Goleta family.

Outside plans included parking for numerous buses and coordination with the bowl parking and usher staffs.