Be An Artist

We invite you to participate in the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival at Santa Barbara's Old Mission on the Memorial Day weekend in May.

A limited number of street painting squares are available for artists. The Festival will provide the chalk and a list of street painting tools and tips for participating artists.

If you can find a business, individual, or organization who would like to sponsor a square, you can be their street painter. An alternative is to sponsor a square yourself or with your friends. 

The festival is taking applications from professional and practicing adult artists who would like to participate as a street painter in the festival. We will review your application and if you are selected we will contact you by mid-May.

Sponsor a Young Artist

Young people of all ages can participate as street painters in the festival. A family can sponsor a square of any size, and the street painting can be completed by one child or as a family project. A business can sponsor a square for its employees and their children to create a group project. Schools, religious groups, and nonprofit community organizations often sponsor squares for their students or youth programs. When a family, organization, or business sponsors a square, the festival will inscribe the sponsor's name at the top of the square to acknowledge their support.

History of featured artists

2019 Sharyn Chan

2018   Lysa Ashley

2017   Meredith Morin

2016   Cecelia Linayao — 30th year festival anniversary

2015   Blair Looker

2014   Jessea Gay Marie

2013   Cheryl & Wayne Renshaw

2012   Delphine Louie Anaya

2011   Tom Meaney

2010   Rod Tryon

2009   Jennifer LeMay, assisted by Jessie Altstatt

2008   Laura Wilkinson & Blair Looker, assisted by daughters:  Sarah Gill & Rebecca Rindenour

2007   Lisa Jones

2006   Melanie Stimmell

2005   Tracy Lee Stum

2004   Genna Panzarella

2003   Jane Portaluppi Durand

2002   Jay Schwartz

2001   Ann Hefferman, assisted by:  Dee Carter Brown

2000   Julie Kirk

1999   Jay Mercado, assisted by:  Peitro Palladini & Teresa Marchese

1998   John Iwerks

1997   Jay Mercado, assisted by:  Leesa Whitten, Erin Tajime Castean & Katherine Meredith

1996   ­Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1995   Elise McConnell

1994   Phil Roberts & Mark Wagner

1993   ­Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1992   Rod Tryon

1991   Tim Steele, Pat Pouler, Tom Meaney, & Lori Kari

1990   Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1989   Chris Davis

1988   ­­Kurt Wenner & Manfred Stader

1987   Kurt Wenner & Manfred Stader


Jesse Alexander    

Michael Brown        

Nell Campbell   

MacDuff Everton  

Amy Lundstrom — Vita Bella  

Larry Mills         

Greg Voight

Paul Wellman