The CCP Arts Catalog sponsors 150 professional touring artists who present multicultural performances and workshops at school sites in  Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.  

See Arts Catalog Touring Artists at links below.

Family performances and workshops also may be presented by touring artists in the evening or after school.

How it Works

Performance Scheduling, Reporting & Payments

Schools contact Arts Catalog Touring Artists directly to:

  • Schedule date and time(s) for performances and/or workshops
  • Confirm artist’s fees and cancellation policy
  • Schools do NOT pay artists directly.  The CCP pays artists for all services and invoices schools for reimbursement.
  • Once performance(s) are scheduled, schools must submit to the CCP the Required Report Form—see below.
  • Obtain technical requirements for performances from artist, as needed
  • Request a copy of teacher study guide materials from artist, if available
  • Please tell the artist you are participating in the Children's Creative Project Touring program.

$200 Arts Credit  

One $200 Arts Credit per year is offered to each public elementary and secondary school in Santa Barbara County. The Arts Credit subsidizes in part the performance fee(s) of one or more touring artists listed in the Arts Catalog.  The Arts Credit is deducted from the total the CCP invoice submitted to schools for payment.

Required Reporting

Required Report Form - For Schools

As soon as a performance or workshop is firmly scheduled the school must complete and submit to the CCP the Required Report Form below, prior to the service date, for all services.        

Required Report Form - For Artists

As soon as a performance or workshop is firmly scheduled touring artists must complete and submit to the CCP the Report Form below, prior to the service date, for all services.   

Artists must provide a separate invoice to the CCP (not to the school) for payment of services. 


School payments to the CCP are due for all completed services to date. The CCP will invoice schools for payment beginning in December and every two months thereafter as needed.  The CCP will deduct from the invoice one $200 Arts Credit as described above.

Touring Artists must provide a separate invoice to the CCP for payment (not to the school) after services are provided. Schools must NOT PAY ARTISTS directly.

Performance Scheduling and Coordination

School Scheduling

Performances and touring artist workshops generally run for 45 minutes. Please be sure the school and auditorium schedules are clear of conflicts before booking an event. Due to heavy scheduling of artists, the ability to reschedule is very limited. Please be aware of each artist’s cancellation policy.

Minimum Booking Requirements

Because many of the touring companies come from outside of our community, they have set minimum booking requirements for performances. If your school does not meet these minimum booking requirements, please try to find one or more partner schools to schedule additional performances. These can be scheduled together, or block booked.

Please see  “Minimum Booking/Number Performances” in the Touring Artist Performances Index.

Fees & Funds

Fees and other essential information are listed in the Touring Artist Performances Index. Workshops for students, families, and school staff professional development are identified in the last three columns. The City of Santa Barbara and the County Office of Arts and Culture and  Santa Barbara Bowl's EdOut provide important grant funds to further support touring artist fees for specific school districts.

Double Performance Fee

A double performance fee applies to two performances that are presented back-to-back at the same site on the same day. Please see “Double Performance Fee” in the Touring Artist Performances Index.

Funds Available

The Children's Creative Project and touring artists offer funding assistance when possible. This is indicated with “yes” listed in the column titled “Funds Available” in the Touring Artist Performances Index. 

Before You Contact the Artist

Please discuss all program details with the principal or site administrator before scheduling a performance. You will need all or some of the information below:

  • site contact person information (name, phone, email address)
  • site address and staging area
  • site calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • site hours for start, dismissal, lunch and recess
  • site stage floor surface (wood, concrete, carpet, etc.)
  • dimensions of staging area
  • availability of a private dressing area
  • number of microphones available
  • availability of a piano
  • number of students attending and grade levels

Performance Study Guide

Please ask touring artists if they provide a performance study guide. This can help classroom teachers prepare students for the performance and provide follow-up activities

Technical Requirements & Preparation

The stage must be cleared and technical requirements prepared prior to the artist’s arrival. Please ask the touring artists if they require any technical assistance. Students should be seated in advance to begin the performance on time. Allow enough time between performances to give performers a rest and to move students in and out of the performance area.